How To: Make a DIY Mason Jar Porch Light (in 30 Seconds)

Mason Jar Porch Light DIY

A 30-second DIY that will make your boring porch light look super cool? Yes! 

I’m not kidding you, this will actually take you less than a minute to pull off, and will cost you $1? Or free, if you already have a cool jar at home.

Ok so here’s the scoop according to Saved by Love Creations:

  • Get a mason jar
  • Safely remove the glass ball fixture from your porch and make sure the jar fits. The size is standard to any fixture that uses globes.
  • Tighten the set screws


Go have a beer and high-five your neighbours for being so cool and fast. 

Just in case you need more quick and easy ideas like this one, check out Saved by Love Creations and their mason jar roundup (some are crazy!)