Jun 09, 2010

How To: Make DIY Removable Bike Panniers from Backpacks

created at: 06/02/2010

Instructable-maker Greg Clarke came up with a great way to make DIY bicycle panniers from backpacks that allows you to maintain the backpack's functionality... meaning you can remove the pannier and then strap it onto your back, and no one's the wiser.

Carry stuff   Materials

  • backpack
  • webbing, or fabric that you really trust. Webbing is everywhere, though. You could even trim a little off of a strap off your bag. I pulled mine off of a suitcase i found in the trash
  • bungee cord that isn't too long.
  • bicycle with rack
  • needle and high quality thread or floss

So, no sewing machine required. Awesome.


Read the full instructions: Backpack Panniers (That Are Still Backpacks)



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Niko Leka on Feb 24, 2011:

Hi insired by this I made the world's simlest bakcpack-pannnier arrangement. My bag has a handle at the top. So on the rack I mounted a sturdy piece of L-shaped tin, the horizontal part is weaved into the rack, the vertical bit is where the handle is looped over. I put a steel ruler extending horizontally across the  rack's mounting struts just above the axle so the bag doesnt' bump into the wheels, and also so a single bungee cord can be looped over the bag to stop it swaying out when I corner. Voila!