Fall DIY Project: How to Re-Wax Your Clothing and Gear

As the weather chills down, it’s always a good idea to pull your cool weather clothing and gear from their summer storage places, and prep them for the season. Air out your down jackets and wool sweaters, redress your leather boots and shoes, and make sure that your water-resistant waxed cotton and clothing are still, you know, water-resistant. 

Best Made Projects offers a quick tip for testing and rewaxing any jackets, bags, or other gear. They say:

The areas that most often require rewaxing are areas that rub against one another, or bend or crease, such as the elbows and knees. First, determine if your garment needs rewaxing. Many times simply using a hot hair dryer and some vigorous rubbing will be enough to redistribute enough wax and eliminate any crease marks. To test the garment’s water resistance, spray the area with water and let it sit for 10 minutes. If the water beads up and stays beaded it probably doesn’t need rewaxing. If the beads disappear into the fabric, prepare to rewax the garment. 

The technique, as you can see above, is pretty effective. Get the full how-to with product recommendations at Best Made Projects: 

Rewaxing With Best Made’s Martexin Original Wax