How to: Make Your Own DIY Leather Belt from Scratch

DIY Leather Belt - Mr. Lentz

Mr. Lentz – the “modern cowboy of the creative revolution” – has created a very cool DIY project with very detailed steps to make a customized leather belt. Since it’s made from scratch, you can rough it up just enough. Plus, once you learn how to make your own, you can whip one up for everyone you know

There are a few tools required for this project,  if you don’t have them all, you can always visit your local craft store to get them or you can sometimes borrow them from a tool library or community workshops.

created at: 10/08/2013

This belt is awesome because it’s quite simple – no crazy patterns or embellishments. Less is always more (on that topic, how cool is this minimal wallet?)

For steps, materials and great photos, visit the full post on Mr. Lentz: How to Make a Leather Belt