The Coolest Tree House You’ll Ever See

Tree in the House (2013) by Almasov Aibek of A.Masow Design Studio

The Tree in the House is a design that plays with the idea of a “tree house,” but rather than building a house on a tree, you bring the tree into the house. How cool is that?

Designed by Almasov Aibek of A.Masow Design Studio, this house is located in the mountains of Almaty, surrounded by tons of amazingly beautiful fir trees. The idea of creating something that is so connected to nature is quite amazing – especially since it’s totally modern and clean, rather than rustic. (Both are nice.)

Tree in the House (2013) by Almasov Aibek of A.Masow Design Studio

Mind you, it’s just a concept, so I’m not quite sure if living in one would be super comfortable, unless you like the feeling of being watched by birds and bears, and maybe a few hikers. Either way, we’re excited to see it completed.

Wanna see more? Then visit A.Masow Design Studio

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