Weekend Project: How to Create a DIY Geometric Chair

DIY Geometric Chair

A quick project for the weekend? Try this one!

This how-to by Hej Juni is perfect for the weekend; it’s easy and affordable. If your seats need an upgrade, there’s no need to spend money on a whole new set – especially if you’re gonna have to also buy other accents to go with it.

For this geometric chair project you’ll need:

  • Chairs of your choice (either new from Ikea or a few old ones that need a revamp)
  • Painters tape
  • Paint and brushes

To make it, simply cover certain areas of the chair with the painters tape to create a geometric pattern, apply paint, let it dry a little bit, then peel off and voila! New awesome seats for your modern butt.

I suggest you stick to a couple colors maximum so it doesn’t end up looking like a kindergarten classroom.

For more images, visit Hej Juni!