Sep 17, 2013

Weekend Project: How to Create a DIY Geometric Chair

DIY Geometric Chair

A quick project for the weekend? Try this one!

This how-to by Hej Juni is perfect for the weekend; it's easy and affordable. If your seats need an upgrade, there's no need to spend money on a whole new set - especially if you're gonna have to also buy other accents to go with it.

For this geometric chair project you'll need:

  • Chairs of your choice (either new from Ikea or a few old ones that need a revamp)
  • Painters tape
  • Paint and brushes

To make it, simply cover certain areas of the chair with the painters tape to create a geometric pattern, apply paint, let it dry a little bit, then peel off and voila! New awesome seats for your modern butt.

I suggest you stick to a couple colors maximum so it doesn't end up looking like a kindergarten classroom.

For more images, visit Hej Juni! 



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FrancisLynn on Oct 10, 2013:

Nice idea of remaking chair. Given chair picture looks really beautiful. It's remaking the old chair. And it's always great to give new life to old things. Thanks for share awesome idea.

juni on Sep 22, 2013:

thanks for featuring my project!