How To: Make a Super Simple DIY Wood Shelving Unit

DIY Shelving Unit by Scandi-Home []

An easy way to add some extra shelving space to your studio or bedroom!

We all are fans of quick and easy DIYs that give you extra room to either store or display your stuff. This shelving unit DIY project by Scandi-Home is perfect for the latter. Since you don’t have to paint it, this is going to save you lots of time and money, plus it looks super modern and trendy (plywood is a hot!).

To make this shelving unit, you basically need a few pieces of wood (look for paint-grade pine), some glue, and some screws. Use a tabletop or large shelf-sized piece for the base, then attach shorter 1x4s as shelves, and then all you need to do is attach and glue the shelves at the desired height.

As you can see you just lean the shelf towards the wall and you’re done! You could add something on the bottom (like those anti-slip stickers) to keep it from moving. Oh and this is awesome for renters! No need to drill on your wall.

Feel inspired already? Then take a peek at Scandi-Home for more project ideas!