How to: Make Low Cost, Large Scale DIY Map Art

My buddy and fellow blogger Andrew came up with this great solution to make rustic, big impact artwork that can serve as the focal point of a room for less than dinner for two.    The first clever step is taking advantage of this new-to-me-and-now-I-will-visit-constantly site called Big Map Blog, where they offer free, downloadable high-resolution scans of vintage maps, both hand drawn and photographic. Their collection is growing, and it’s easy to find maps of either places you love, or just one with an aesthetic you want in your home.

The second is a quick and dirty DIY frame, using affordable dimensional lumber and then oxidizing the wood with a steel wool and white vinegar solution. 

Andrew has the full how-to on his site, Primer, as well as some photo examples that readers who followed the tutorial have sent in. Check it out: 

Make This Giant Map & Frame For Only $30