Aug 01, 2013

DIY Idea: Make String Covered Pendant Lights

Bonbon by Ana Kras

I'm inspired by the look of these pendant lights; a great way to add some color and a bit of rustic texture to your home.

Created by Ana Kras, these "Bonbon" pendant lights are part of an exhibition showcased at  DILETTANTE in L.A. I love how they look amazing even when they’re not lit up. If you wanted to make something similar for your home, you’ll probably need a few things:

- A lamp shade wire frame (you could even use an old one from the thrift shop)

- Yarn or cord

- Hot glue

- Light kit (like IKEA's Hemma

Then, just wrap the yarn or cord around the frame to create shapes and patterns of your liking. Seems like a pretty great project to tackle that doesn’t require hardcore power tools. You could even use this project as some sort of “meditative DIY” - craft and repetition seems are a useful way to declutter your brain. Just ask any knitter or crocheter.

To see more designs and Bonbons visit Ana Kras’ site


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