How To: Popsicle Stick Guitar

Finished guitar

The popsicle stick is a craft supply staple – it’s often one of the first media into which children break out after they’ve mastered crayons and construction paper, and it’s certainly many a ManMakers first introduction to working with wood.

Finished guitar

One of the popsicle stick’s great achievements is its infinite flexibility, which has never been demonstrated more greatly than in this guitar, the body, neck, and headstock of which is made completely from 2000 regular ole’ popsicle sticks.


Busupholstery says, “I decided it was time for someone to build a guitar completely from popsicle sticks……..Ordered 4,000 on ebay and used about 2,000………I used my Gremlin parlor size guitar as a pattern and started gluing……….took about 2 months working on it everyday…….I retired in Costa Rica and I don’t have a lot of tools so kind of made do with what I had……Turned out very nice and very playable…….Not a Martin but hey, what the heck”

Instructables: Popsicle Stick Guitar