Incredibly Realistic Acrylic Motorcycle Paintings by Kenji Shibata

Acrylic paintings by Kenji Shibata []

We are not kidding – these are paintings! Incredibly detailed acrylic paintings on cotton cloth. Damn good art for all of you motorbike lovers!

Kenji Shibata is the skillful artist responsible for creating these amazingly detailed paintings of motorcycles. His work is so precise, it’s kind of unreal; popular mechanics taken to a whole new level.

It’s always so inspiring to see when someone creates a beautiful representation of an everyday object – or machine – and turns it into a stunning work of art. Motorcycles, wether you love them or not, are kind of the ultimate man toy that wouldn’t necessarily be displayed at art galleries – except when someone like Kenji Shibata steps in and turns them into visual inspiration.

Acrylic paintings by Kenji Shibata []

Wow. Look at the size of that brush! That’s what I call dedication to your craft.

To see more of Kenji Shibata’s work, visit his site. Take a few moments to let it sink in and read the wonderful descriptions of each piece (make sure to have Google translate ON).