Jun 27, 2013

How to: Fold a DIY Paper Bow Tie

The cool kids at Fiber Lab came up with this playful paper bow tie project. You can download the free PDF templates, and fold your own from two standard sheets of paper.   

Whether you'll actually wear it is one thing, but the meta-crafty nature of an iconic men's style piece handmade from paper is just too "ManMade" not to share.

If you try and get too frustrated, Fiber Lab also sells 'em on their Etsy shop for under $20.00. But, at least give making one a shot. 

HOW TO: Look sharp for the summer -FiberLab.ca [via How About Orange






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Kenji on Nov 15, 2016:


Anonymous on Jun 28, 2015:

hey, guys! thats soo awesome, and i's just astounded by the creativeness of these guys! :) i jsut want u to know that people like you make this world interesting. thanx once more :) but first, wheres the link to download the template???

S.R on Nov 23, 2013:

I can't find the template to make this DIY paper bow tie, please help!  It is too awesome not to make