Great Product Design: The Jet Pack by Tessel

Jet Pack by Tessel []

If you’re tired of carrying around a bulky backpack that feels like a sack of potatoes, you should then upgrade to one of these bad boys.

One of Jet Pack’s main features (don’t get too excited, it won’t propel you to space) is that – thanks to its many faceted pieces – it can mold itself into whatever you’re carrying. So smart! Plus, the cool design resembles that of a stealth airplane – sleek and undetectable.

As you can see there aren’t many compartments in this backpack other than those that hold your basic tools and gadgets. This lack of pockets was designed on purpose to encourage you to only carry those things you really need. How many times have you taken tons of crap that never get used? Yah – FYI you’re chiropractor is benefiting from this.

The Jet Pack by Tessel []

Aside from being quite lightweight, this backpack looks ultra modern and trendy (have you seen all of those faceted designs popping around?).

Fortunately, they just got recently funded on Kickstarter (yay for us!) so you can order one in here – looks like the price has been reduced for limited time, so hurry!