Intention: There Are a Thousand No’s For Every Yes

Intention - Designed by Apple []

Forgo your stance on technology and brands, and take note of the message in this video by Apple California.

When it comes to technology, especially phones, we all have our preferences; most of us could easily spark a debate on which phone came out with what speech-activated feature first, but that would hardly be productive. So, instead, check out some tips from this ad from Apple (bear with me!).

Intention showcases the way Apple designs products and the whole culture behind the company. What I like about it – regardless of any iPhone love – are the key points mentioned that will allow you to excel at what you do: focus, passion, patience, LOTS of trial and error, and pride. I think if we transfer all of these points to the things we do we’ll always produce awesome results. 

What do you think?

Designed by Apple California [via: The Fox is Black]