Things Come Apart: Amazing Exploded Photographs by Todd McLellan

Photography by Todd McLellan []

As a Manmade reader, I know how much you love to learn about how things work, so I’m certain sure you’ll love this series by Todd McLellan.

“Things come apart” is the continuation the Canadian photographer’s “Disassembly” series. Here, he dismantled – down to the core – everyday objects and arranged them in an artful way that looks nothing like the original artifact. It’s almost as if he was dissecting non-living creatures.

The arrangement of every single piece, along with the mood and lighting in each photograph, transform these mundane objects into amazing pieces of art. Just think about it, when was the last time a smashed iPod made you go “whoa!”

Photography by Todd McLellan []

If you are already hooked on “Things Come Apart,” then you should grab the book which is full wonderful images.

Explore the rest of Todd McLlellan’s work on his web site here… you won’t be disappointed. Make sure you spend some time to see his series “Pinhole Paris.”