Design Inspiration: The Worknest Modular Desk for Creative People

The Worknest Modular Desk []

A desk that lets you configure your workspace according to your work style and needs? I’ll take it!   

Polish industrial designer Wiktoria Lenart is an ace at designing something that all of us – cubicle refugees – can dream of: a desk that’s completely adaptable to your space and habits.

The worknest features different attachable segments that combined create one mighty idea-making station. Want to add a shelf for your headphones? No problem. Want some plants? You got it. Even some baskets for all of your pens? You bet! Watch the video below to see it for yourself (and turn the volume up ‘cause there’s some funky music playing):

Amazing, yes? You can continue to daydream about the perfect workspace over at Wiktoria Lenart’s Behance page. Make sure to browse through her portfolio, she has lots of goodies!