Jun 06, 2013

Waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge

"Experiment with Nature" is the excellent blog of Schwood Eyewear, makers of super cool handmade wooden sunglasses. They've started a new series called " 'Field Trip', a series of exploration videos showcasing Oregon’s diverse and beautiful landscapes. With adventures ranging from mountainsides to coastal dunes, the series is intended to inspire others to get out and enjoy these easily accessible locations in the Pacific Northwest. "

The first edition features the waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge. The video includes the famed Multnomah Falls, but plenty of awesome sites, and a map of featured hikes. Check it out:


 See more stills and get the map at Experiment with Nature: Waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge 



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James Corlett on Aug 05, 2013:

The idea itself sounds immensely exciting so viewing it is going to be hell of the fun for adventure lovers. They have been doing great work.