Stellar Brand Design for Meteor Merlot

Meteor Merlot

Drinking wine has never looked this good…at least not before the second glass and we get all starry-eyed (Get it? And I’m sorry).

This design by WORK Labs caught my eye because of its simplicity. As you must know, the wine industry is quite saturated (lucky us!), so creating an original product is quintessential for survival. A winery that has been around for a long time probably has a loyal customer base, so they may not have to worry too much about their labels, since they’re already famous for their product – but what about new ones? Beautiful design can be the difference between picking up their bottle or going for your usual red. 

Meteor Merlot

The process involved in the creation of these bottles for Meteor Merlot creates a “starry night” effect that is different in for each bottle. WORK Labs used the cosmos as their inspiration and they did a great job bringing their concept to life.

So tell us, when you’re searching for a new wine at the liquor store, do labels play a big role in your choice?

Via: Lovely Package