How To: Turn Your Computer’s CD/DVD Drive into an iPod Dock

ipod docked DVD drive iPod dock

In the days of streaming Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, and the ability to watch feature films on your mobile phone, your computer’s CD and DVD drive doesn’t get as much play as it used to. But you certainly WILL still use it, so you don’t want to ax it altogether.

This how-to by Tim Schiesser combines the best of both worlds – he’s created an iPod dock that sits in your computer’s rarely used CD/DVD tray, but is easily removable for when the time comes.

Tim says: “I noticed recently that my DVD drive wasn’t getting much love, but my iPod Nano was getting loads of use and needs charging all the time. An idea came to me suddenly one day that I should put the two together and make a simple dock for my iPod from my DVD drive and some materials I have lying around the place. It doesn’t look the best, but at least it’s really cheap to make.”

I’d whip one up right now, ‘cept all of my drives are slot-loading, and none have trays. Still, very cool, easy, and resourceful.

DVD Drive iPod Dock – The PC Report

[via Instructables]