I Want to Live Here: The Panorama House by Moon Hoon

created at: 04/19/2013

How lucky are these kids? Their cool parents got them a great library space with a built-in slide…now they have no excuses to avoid doing their homework!

This multi-functional space, designed by Korean Architect Moon Hoon, is a family-fun oasis that acts as a home cinema, reading space, slide, staircase, and central of all things awesome. It’s simple and smart, especially if you have a bunch of kids running around the house with nothing to do!

The rest of the house is as modern and functional as this multi-use space.

created at: 04/19/2013

Uncluttered rooms, minimal aesthetics, and plenty of natural light are all part of the design. Even though there’s lots of white space, it doesn’t feel cold or empty – the ambiance is perfectly balanced by all the wood flooring and furniture.

created at: 04/19/2013

As real estate in our cities becomes increasingly over-priced (and small), smart home design like this one, will definitely come in handy to help us make the most out of our square footage.

Panorama House by Moon Hoon [Via: Contemporist]