Hurry Up and Wait

This week, I’ve been pretty affected by a recent article in Good magazine, entitled “Hurry Up and Wait.” When I first saw it, it was  the art by Mark Weaver that got me salivating…

But, then, I actually read the article, in which several forward-thinking designers, writers, and scholars explore the necessity of patience and slowness, and how it must be as important to a successful future as speed.  And it’s pretty good stuff.A few quotes:

“Maybe the best way to slow down is to sleep a little more, and pay more attention when you’re awake.”

“[There is] value in ‘the whole DIY or maker culture, which enters into the same category as things built to last, or things that last longer because you take them apart manually and build them back anew with found parts.’ “

“This happens all the time in developing parts of the world, of course. ‘Yes, I think the slow movement is very First-World-urban-environment targeted. If you’re an agrarian human, slow food is actually your only option. So we need to be careful not to overly romanticize ‘slow’ in this way. There’s a balance between poverty and privilege.’ “

Read the whole article at Good.Is.