How to: Have the Best Day Ever (Hint: It Involves Spending More Time Here…)

There are about 960 usable minutes in everyday, provided you get enough sleep, and a new study suggests there’s a much better way to spend it. And the number one item on the list? If you wanna be happier, you should be having more sex.   

 Sebastian Pokutta and Christian Kroll performed a study which focused not on subjective well-being (the standard means for measuring happiness), and “instead built upon an alternate method called the Day Reconstruction Method, which examined Americans’ time use and focuses on how daily activities affect happiness.”  

Of course, 36 minutes of work isn’t practical for anyone, but the results are interesting: “We should be doing more of what we like (having sex and hanging out with friends) and less of what we don’t (working and commuting) in relatively small chunks.” And the real emphasis: that a day full of shorter chunks of various activities, and a mix of responsibility, pleasure, and wellness, is the best way to be spending your time. If you think about some of your favorite Saturdays over the last year, I’ll be they look pretty similar to this breakdown. Mine sure do.  

How to have the perfect day: Have sex for 106 minutes [Quartz]

[Top image by Ditte Isager for GQ]