Nathan Tobiason : Screw Chairs, Wine Tables, and Plinko-Like Coin Bank

created at: 02/11/2010

Nathan Tobiason of Revol-Design says this about himself: “My name is Nathan Tobiason. I live in San Diego, California and studied Design at Hampshire College. I design and build functional objects.”

Functional objects like segmented furniture, folding tables, and all kinds of recycled goodies. Here’s three favorites:

created at: 05/21/2010

Screw Chair: “A surprisingly comfortable chair made from scraps of douglas fir and 3,726 drywall screws.”

created at: 05/21/2010

Wine Table: “Three to fifty-five wine bottles can be used in various configurations with this small clear acrylic coffee table. Wine bottles are press fit onto the table to make stable legs while recycling and displaying the wine bottles.”

created at: 05/21/2010

Coin Bank: “This coin bank is an attractive and unique replacement to the coin jar. Coins are dropped into the top and bounce chaotically off clear spacers on the way down. Coins can be released from the bottom when the custom lock is removed.”

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