Wake Up Your Bedroom: 7 Tips to Create a Modern Masculine Retreat

A bedroom is often the most overlooked room in the house. You spend the big money on the rooms your guests will see – quality, lasting furniture for the living room, a dining table for hosting – or on practical pieces, like small appliances in the kitchen, or setting up your media gear for music all over your home.   But, argues this month’s issue of GQ magazine, reconsider the bedroom, and make the most important space in your home into the inviting refuge (you never knew) you’ve always wanted.”

Author Jon Wilde says,

We know what you’re thinking: Why go crazy if you’re just going in there to turn out the lights? Here’s why, and it has nothing to do with impressing women (okay, maybe a little): If you make your bedroom into more than just a room with a bed, it becomes a sanctuary—the place where you go to find a moment’s peace, whether that’s from a shitty day at work or the house party down the hall. In other words: Give your bedroom a little love and you’ll get it all back.

Makes sense to me. So, whether it’s a personal retreat or one you share with a partner, invest in your sleep space. Get the full list of tips and some awesome (but admittedly unaffordable) furniture and decor recommendations at GQ.com: 

Wake Up Your Bedroom