How to: Make Your Haircut Last 2 Weeks Longer

created at: 03/06/2013

The ultimate at-home method for adding a couple weeks to the life of your latest cut.

There’s nothing like a fresh trim to keep you looking bright and well-kempt, but maintaining regular every-three-week appointments can get expensive and be quite tough on your free time.   The solution – unless your buzzing your whole head -isn’t to cut your hair yourself; I’ve tried…it doesn’t work. But, grab an affordable pair of barber scissors and a comb, and follow this easy five-step process to keep things trimmed in between cuts. I’ve been practicing a variant on this for a few years, and can typically go 7-8 weeks before heading to the barbershop. 

So you don’t just go hacking at your head, check out this great tips from Jeff Chastain of Jeff Chastain Parlor in New York City for the Birchbox Man blog: