How to: Make a Reusable Leather “Paper” Bag

Leather opens up all kinds of creativity, but it can be an intimidating material to for beginners. It requires a different sort of tool kit than regular sewing projects, and many guys don’t even know how to use a sewing machine in the first place…though ManMade does its best to remedy that.

The solution? Don’t sew anything!   Ren from All the Good Girls Go to Heaven figured out this cool way to work with “vegan” (faux) leather and create this reusable “brown paper bag” using epoxy to seal the seams.

She turns the project into a clutch purse, but I think this would make a great reusable lunch bag, or as a small tool bag to keep track of technique-specific items that need to stay together. Next time I see the material on sale, I’m gonna whip up one of these to keep my leather boot and shoe goods organized and in the same place. 

DIY No Sew Leather Paper Bag Clutch [via Craft]