How to: Make a DIY Daily Travel Tech Organizer from an Old Book

In our elementary school days, packing your bag was easy: books, folders, pencil, lunch bag, done. But, as grown-ups, especially for those who work in a non-traditional office setting, making sure you have all the goodies you need for the day or a work trip can be tough – do you have all the right power and syncing cables for your devices? Do you need your laptop, or would the iPad suffice? Did you pack the headphones with the microphone so you can hop on that call at two? And, is this a camera day or not?! There are even days when I’d love to get out of the house and work from the coffee shop, but packing and double checking becomes a task unto itself, and I’ll just end up working from the dining room table. 

So, I’m pretty excited by this idea of storing all those necessities in a single place, especially one so neatly organized that you can be sure to note when a cable or power supply is missing.

And, the best part? This project is one you can make yourself and customize to your needs, but flexible enough to adapt as you items change and update.

Kate says, 

This project can be sized up or down and customized in many different ways — the best approach is to gather all the tiny tech things you travel with and see how much there is. After that, it’s just a bit of snipping, sewing and gluing, and you’re on your way to a clean, organized carry-on. Enjoy!

I see all kinds of cool projects every week that inspire me, but this is one I think I might actually execute for myself. Brilliant.

DIY Project: Vintage Book Travel Tech Organizer [Design Sponge]