How to: Make a DIY Cassette Tape MP3 Player

For me and my generation, music was cassette tapes. We never found the radio stations that played anything but Top 40, albums and LPs too public and, uh, not portable , and CDs too fragile. I still have a box, though my last means of playing them went when I sold my first car…   

So, the idea that music can, once again (still?) from a cassette tape warms my heart like analog media reproduction. Instructable-r LoneSoulSurfer figured out how to stuff a thrift-store tape with a fully functioning MP3 player for some tunes on the go. As he says, a bit of trimming, a bit of soldering, and a bit of design work, and you’re done.

A cool project to learn some of the basic skills of hacking and case modding. I likes.

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