Jan 21, 2013

How to: Roll Your Pant Cuffs...and Not Look Ridiculous

Whether you're going for a few extra style points, or just trying to keep your pants legs off the ground and prevent yourself from stepping on them, there are plenty of times you need to roll your pant legs. So, do it properly.   

Tame The Roll is site dedicated to "dressing from the knee down." They offer four roll techniques to commit to memory - "The Soda Pop," "The Standard," "The Pinch Hit," and "The Rustle." They've got videos for each style, as well as loads of inspiration photos: 

See the rest of the videos at Tame The Roll. 

[Photos by Novh and Petchmo. From TameTheRoll] 





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bryan on Jan 14, 2014:

thanks imma check these vids later i was doing it like an idiot

Chris on Jan 28, 2013:

@Derek - Thanks for reading! Your feedback means a lot.

Derek on Jan 28, 2013:

@Chris Thanks for the response. Love your guys site, i'm a daily checker.

Chris on Jan 28, 2013:

@Derek - I'd suggest that the dressiness of the shoe absolutely determines the type of roll, or whether you try it at all. Check yourself in a full length mirror. If you like what you see, I say you're good to go. If it seems like you're over doing it, change your shoe or style of roll.


Great question!

Derek on Jan 23, 2013:

Is there a video the explains which shoes/pant combo the rolled up look is suitable for?