How to: Make a DIY Business Card Pad

created at: 01/14/2013

Even in the era of smartphones and digital address books, I still maintain a classy business card is a must for every guy. If you don’t currently have a job where you need one, here’s hoping you have passions or a lifestyle that needs communicated…and remembered. Especially when you meet somebody new, and pull it from a pad of stacked cards like a complete b***ss.   With online prices for offset-printed business cards (100 for $6.00?!), and DIY options and tutorials abounding, there’s every reason to make your own pad. It’ll keep your cards protected, eliminating the need for a special case, as well as organized. Oh, and you’ll look like a total boss.

Chica and Jo created this easy tutorial using a product (unsurprisingly) called “padding compound.” You could use the same technique for creating little memo pads from recycled paper, custom notepads and sketchbooks, or even dollar bills. You know, just in case.

Make Your Own Custom Notepads [Chica and Jo] (via Lifehacker)