Stunning Family Portraits of Unrelated Look-Alikes

In his travels around the world, Canadian photographer François Brunelle meets all kinds of interesting people, including some who he thinks he’s met before in a totally different context. So, for his latest series, he gathers two individuals who are completely unrelated to each other, and photographs the pair as a family portrait.

In I’m not a look-alike!, Brunelle dresses his subjects in similar, complementary clothing, and poses them in typical, slightly awkward family portrait positions…a hand on the the shoulder here, a head tilt there. The most fascinating aspect to me is that unlike actual family members, who tend to share distinguishing facial characteristics such as a telltale nose or eyebrows, most of these pairs have dissimilar specific features, but still manage an overall resemblance in spite of it. They don’t simply look like siblings, they look like each other.

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