Nov 30, 2012

How to: Make a DIY Wood Dowel Holiday Wreath

This easy wreath project is festive and inexpensive, with warm woodtones and just-geometrc-enough playfulness from the dowel rods. The supplies would cost less than $10 or so, and if you create strong glue joints, will last for many holiday seasons to come.

For some reason, Lowe's recommends using a table saw to cut the dowels into 2" pieces. That seems like a terribly unsafe idea...maybe if you used a crosscut sled, but even then, it wouldn't be my tool of choice. Cutting something that can roll on a table saw is always dangerous, plus those short lengths require a push stick, which you'd have a hard time grabbing a cylinder. The possibility of kickback and chunks of dowels flying everywhere is too great...plus, most people don't even have one. A miter saw or bandsaw would be much, much safer.

Wood Dowel Wreath [Lowe's Creative Ideas]




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