How to: Make Your Own Sparkling Apple Cider at Home

When we were kids, my sister and I rarely fought…unless it was the holiday season, and there were bottles of sparkling grape juice or apple cider to be slurped! We weren’t allowed much soda, so the chance to celebrate the season with something fizzy was always a treat, and cause for fisticuffs!   (Just kidding, Carrie. I’m pretty sure I never actually hit you, but I do apologize for biting you that one time in the Guerry’s basement).

So, sparkling cider is a special favorite of my own, and the opportunity to make it by the gallons for the price of the cider itself (plus an envelope of yeast or two) gets my fall heart a-beating. Or something.

Emma from the Kitchn says,

There is enough natural sugar in apple cider and apple juice to provide food for the yeast and carbonate the cider — no need to add any extra. But if you want to infuse the cider with cinnamon, vanilla, or any other spices before you add the yeast, by all means go for it! If you warm the cider to steep the spices, just make sure the cider has completely cooled before adding the yeast.

It’s really hard to go wrong here. No matter what, you end up with one of the freshest, most effervescent, and tastiest sparkling ciders you’ve ever had.

We’re doing this in my house all November long. Dinner parties, Thanksgiving, and just because. Come over if you want some.

How to Make Sparkling Cider at Home

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