How to: Make a Stylish DIY Wood and Concrete Lamp

Nimi is an industrial design student from Finland, so it’s no surprise that she fell in love with this Scandinavian-inspired lamp on Pinterest. Deterred by the £195. price tag, she set out to make her own modern, and fantastic, industrial lamp made from wood, metal, and concrete. I’ve been privileged to see heaps of DIY decor projects everyday for years, and this is, by far, one of the best executed and a personal favorite.

Nimi built her lamp from an IKEA light, slices of hardwood, and various hardware bits. She outlines the process on her blog, in a series of posts. They’re in Finnish, but Google Translate does a perfectly acceptable job of switching things to English.

The actual lamp Nimi used isn’t available at IKEA stores in the US, but there are plenty of options that will work equally well.

So, start here, then click through Parts 1, 2, and 3 to get the full process. Also – excellent photos, Nimi!

DIY Bedside Lamps [NimiDesign]