How to: Make a DIY Vintage Suitcase Portable Stereo

The Boomcase is an inspired solution for taking your tunes on the go: high-fidelity audio components are mounted inside a stylish vintage suitcase, so you can charge it up, grab the built-in handle, and rock out wherever life takes you.   Each Boomcase, designed by Mr. Simo is made by hand with high-end components…which means…They’re expensive. Not unnecessarily so – they start around $350, but most hover from $700-800 and up – but they’re definitely a luxury item.

Unless you make one yourself. Instructable-r jm31181 figured out how to do just that, and he offers a full tutorial for a mere $50 in parts. Not too bad.

He even outfitted it with an amplifier that includes a cool outer faceplate, so you can adjust the volume and equalization from the outside of the case.

Get the full tutorial at Instructables: Boomcase Mimic

[top photo by Boomcase]