Oct 17, 2012

Beyond Toilet Paper: How to Treat Shaving Nicks and Cuts

I'll never forget the first time I saw my dad with a clump of toilet paper stuck to his face. It was a Saturday, a day he usually worked, and we were at home getting ready for some formal occasion...I think a wedding, or perhaps a funeral. I was watching The Jetsons in the living room, and here comes my dad, all clean and shiny, in his Sunday best, with not one but three little white mounds with a bright red center on his chin. I immediately ran to my mom to find out what in the world was going on.   When you cut your head, it bleeds, a lot. There's a lot of blood running around in there, and even tiny nicks can take a long time to stop. And while the toilet paper trick works, it doesn't do anything to speed up the healing, and you often have to leave bloody chunks of toilet paper on your face for at least an hour, only to have a significant clot on your cheek all day.

The Art of Manliness researched both storebought and DIY home remedies to treat shaving nicks and cuts, and recommends their favorites, as well as some basic face first aid:

Beyond Toilet Paper: How to Treat Shaving Nicks and Cuts




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