Choose the Right Apple: A Fall Variety Flowchart

created at: 10/09/2012

On a recent visit to Minneapolis/St. Paul, I finally got a chance to try the elusive and much touted SweeTango apple, a few blocks of where it was first, um, invented? at the University of Minnesota agricultural campus.

And? It was good; I liked it. Some parts I liked a whole lot. The texture was very unique, and it had a nice balance of sweet and tart. If they were sold in my local market, I’d probably buy some.But, am I heartbroken I can’t only eat SweeTangoes for all my apple-ing needs? Not really. What the experience really taught me was to be thankful for the variety that comes with apple season. So, the real question is: which apple for which task?

Slate’s got you covered with their “Choose the Right Apple” flowchart. Just pick your task – baking, eating, drinking, bobbing, carving – and it’ll help you get just the right variety.

See it in full resolution at Slate