How to: A Quick and Easy DIY Method to Repair Your Own Denim Jeans

created at: 10/02/2012While 95% of the makeup of a pair of jeans will last for many years, a few particular points are much more vulnerable to wear: ripped seams, worn knees, or the big one, crotch blowout. Fortunately, even big tears can easily be repaired at home for little little money and just a few minutes.   The denim pros at Nudie Jeans released this video last month that gives you the full breakdown. The method involves an internal patch and a bit of fusible fabric to cover the existing hole, and some basic hand stitches that prevent it from tearing further. This method is perfectly simple, and can be attacked by anyone, even if you have no previous experience sewing. (Just be sure to use a thimble!)

[via GQ]