How to: Make Your Own DIY Painted or Stained Axe

Best Made Co., the New York-based design company known for producing rustic yet infinitely stylish accesssories and tools with a modern masculine feel, first gained attention for their colorful (designer?) axe and tool handles. And now, they’ve created a how-to that gives you full, step-by-step instructions to customizing your own tools.   They say, “Adorning an axe or tool is not only a way of respecting that tool, but it also makes for a great project. Whether it’s an axe, or a hammer, or a pool cue, our handy step by step guide will help guide you through the process of adornment. And by all means, contact us with questions and share your creations, not only with us, but with your friends and family as well.”

Pretty amazing, right? Of course, Best Made Co.’s actual handle shapes are themselves a thing of beauty, but with these tips, you can create a very similar look for a fraction of the cost, with the honor of knowing you made it yourself.

Step By Step: Painting Your Axe [Best Made Co.] 

A few years ago, I posted a how-to for making a Best Made-inspired High End Hammer. Get the full how-to here.

Top image credit: Ira Lippke for The New York Times