Sep 04, 2012

The RGB Colorspace Atlas: All the Colors in the World in a Single Book

Move over paint swatch fan decks... Tauba Auberbach has designed a book featuring, supposedly, every single color possible, ever.  

The RGB Colorspace Atlas is an 8x8x8" book created, interestingly, by standard digital offset printing, with a "case bound book, airbrushed cloth cover and page edges. The binding was "co-designed by Daniel E. Kelm and Tauba Auerbach. The books were bound by Daniel E. Kelm assisted by Leah Hughes at the Wide Awake Garage."

Practical? Who knows. Fantastic? Yes.

RGB Colorspace AtlasTaubaAuberbach.com [via Freshome]




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Mike Loveland on Sep 05, 2012:

Cool, for sure and not to go full-nerd here, but because the colors are now presented in an analogue fashion, you lose a lot of the true color information that light-based RGB boasts, much like CMYK does. But the time alone involved in this is impressive.