How to: Make a DIY Portable Grill from a Recycled Toolbox

created at: 08/09/2012

Imagine this: a self-contained, portable grill, complete with a locking lid and handle, sized perfectly for throwing in the back seat or trunk and heading out for a day or weekend of outdoor-cooked, char roasted goodness. Now, imagine it cost less than $20, and you can make it yourself.

Dreams do come true.   Okay, okay; overly poetic. I know. But, seriously, this thing is totally awesome, and I can already think of at least five times this summer where it would have come in handy.

Instructable-r BajaBlue whipped up this portable charcoal grill (using a mere $8.00 in tools and materials,) for his yearly south-of-the-border road trip to Baja California Sur. She details the whole process from customizing the grill grates to getting a heat-resistant paint finish and proper air flow to get those coals burning hot. Keep your eyes open for an old metal toolbox at secondhand stores and garage sales. If you don’t wanna make of these, I’ll be happy to buy it from you.

DIY- Portable Tool Box Grill