Jul 16, 2012

A History of Olympic Logos: From London 1948 to London 2012

created at: 07/15/2012

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London will be here before we know it. And I cannot wait! This is actually the second time that the Games have been hosted in London. The first time was in 1948. The world has changed a lot in 64 years, of course, and so has graphic design. It's fascinating to look at the logos for each of the Olympic Games and observe the changes in the world of design. So, here's a history of the Olympic logos from London 1948 to London 2012.  

created at: 07/15/2012

London 1948 and London 2012

created at: 07/15/2012

Seoul, 1988

created at: 07/15/2012

Helsinki, 1952

To see all of the logos, visit Digital Horticulture


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