A Collection of Crafts to Celebrate Official “Star Wars Day”

Star_Wars_Day_Crafts_Ewok_Dog.jpgI’ve been honest in the past about my lack of Star Wars experience in the past, and a few have said to me, “How can you post Star Wars crafts if you’ve never seen the movies?” “Well,” I usually say, “I post about houses I’ve never been in, designs and artwork I’ve only seen pictures of, and link to how-tos I’ve never followed myself.”

Retorts aside, last night, I watched “A New Hope” for the first time. (Rather, finished it for the first time…I’d seen the first half hour once or twice). And, wouldn’t you know it, TODAY, May 4, is official Star Wars Day – “May the Fourth Be With You”…get it?

Rachel Hobson has assembled a fine collection to celebrate…and hey! I actually get some of these now…Star_Wars_Day_Crafts_Plush_Tauntaun.jpg

Well, sorta.


Get Crafty to Celebrate Star Wars Day