How to: Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves, the Right Way

created at: 05/24/2012

Sorry, Mr. President. I appreciate your willingness to unwind, loosen up, and not always have a tie on, but it looks like you're wearing oxford cloth swim fins.

It's hard enough to dress sharp in the colder months, but you can thankfully invoke the layers. But when it's hot, it can be extra tough to not look like you're hanging out at the pool, or, worse, the skatepark with teenagers. It takes a very special person to pull off the short-sleeved button-up, and a polo isn't quite right for many occassions.

Thankfully, there's a right way, or rather, an Italian way, says Joe from Dappered. Follow this simple technique, and you've got “You’ve got a cuff right above your elbow that’s not going anywhere.  It’s amazing how well this looks and works.”

How To Roll Up Your Sleeves – The Italian Way [Dappered]