The 10 Best Sandwiches from Around the World

created at: 05/22/2012

Food writer extraordinaire Jonathan Gold has taken on a monumental task: cataloging the world’s best of the world’s best food. He says, “Let us pause to consider the sandwich, that magnificent unit of consumption, a construction so minimal that its form may be expressed as: Bread. Not-bread. Bread again…The rise of the sandwich is inseparable from its convenience, from its ability to be consumed quickly and neatly while doing something else…Because a sandwich is a blank slate, it can be perfectly evocative of its time and place…The sandwich and the occasion intertwine…In the dance-off between sandwiches and lived experience, it is often the sandwich we remember best.”

Man, no wonder that guy has a Pulitzer Prize. 

He sought out the favorites of famed chefs, world food experts, and professional eaters, and shared his findings with Travel+Leisure magazine. And they are sharing the results with you.

So, grab your passport and go: Best Sandwiches from Around the World

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