The Birthday Card that Turns into a Shot Glass

Designer Ross Moody has turned the well-wishing birthday card into something the celebrated can actually use: a shot glass. As the card itself says, ” No seriously. This card turns into a shot glass. Get to it.” created at: 05/10/2012

The card itself comes in two forms:

The Bottle Hanger Card: The card features a diecut circle at the top to attach it to all sizes of bottle (even the enormous Absolut bottles if you mean serious business).

Regular A2 Card w/ Envelope: If you know the party you are going to is already stocked, perhaps just going with a regular card is more in order. Each A2 card comes with a matching Whip Cream envelope and no top section to attach to a bottle. 


The first printing has (understandably) sold out, but the next batch will be available in late May. In plenty of time before my birthday on June 17.

Shot Glass Card by 55 Hi’s