May 07, 2012

Tiny Bug Memorials Pay Homage to Fallen Insects

Take a look at the above photo. It'll take you a second to realize what you're looking at, and then, you will love it.  
Treehugger reports, "as inconsequential as those countless bugs may seem as they creep quietly into that great beyond -- there's no denying that our shared mortality ultimately binds us all as earthlings, regardless of size or leg-count. So, perhaps it's time we pay some respect to our fallen insect counterparts.

With that in mind, Minneapolis-based creative agency, Carmichael Collective, has begun an ongoing public art project called Bug Memorials which whimsically calls attention to the world's most unmourned little deaths." 

See more at Tiny Bug Memorials Pay Homage to Fallen Insects [Treehugger.com]




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