Apr 30, 2012

Flint and Tinder: Premium Underwear for Men, Made in the USA

created at: 04/30/2012

Flint and Tinder is a new "men's basics" project by Jake, who after researching, found that only one of fifty brands making men's underwear in the USA, and that brand is "poor quality, not hugely comfortable and falls apart in the dryer over time."

So, Jake created Flint and TInder, dedicated to the principles of 

1. Highest quality ingredients for SUPERIOR COMFORT and DURABILITY

2. 100% Made in America - SUPPORTS USA ECONOMY

3. Fairly priced

The best part? Jake is working with a factory who, due to the economic struggles of the last few years, have been working at reduced capacity. The 20,000 sq. ft. factory is solar-powered, and is set up to make t-shirts for some of the country's most premium brands. The cotton is grown in California, and spun "extra tight and smooth" at the factory. Plus "Beyond this opening order, for every 1000 pair we sell per month, [one] full-time job is literally added back to the assembly line. Amazing, right?"

You can find out all about Flint and Tinder at their Kickstarter page, where they've already quadrupled their $30,000 startup goal. And, be sure to watch this overview video:


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Adonis on Sep 11, 2014:

I recently purchased a group of items from F&T including two pairs of briefs, one t-shirt, a wallet, a toiletry bag and their day bag for men.

Let me start with the briefs: never have I purchased a pair of new underwear before that already had piling and threads pulling from the band. After one wash I am already regretting the purchase. Similar to the hype created by Mack Weldon, these breifs are a let-down however are much more comfortable than the ones from Mack Weldon, albeit they both lack durability it seems.

The t-shirt seems to be well made, I would say it is a step above the pima t-shirts from Uniqlo however the Mack Weldon t-shirts which are made in Vietnam are MUCH better. As are the ones made by Hugo Boss and other top shelf brands.

The wallet which is made from recycled tire tube rubber would have been better left as junk because it is garbage. Unusable, flimsy, no pockets impossible to use. Just shows they have no understanding of wallet design amongst other things.

Lets get to the bag; this is the biggest POS I have ever seen. It's shockingly bad, poor craftsmanship, poor materials, dirty, scuffed. I am so pissed about this one. The bag is something that is given away for free. It would be a rip-off at $50 but at $158 you would be insane to purchase it if you knew what you were to receive. I bought into the whole quality made in American thing as well. Trust me most top-brand Asian quality stuff is far superior to this junk.

The only thing that wasnt terrible other than the t-shirt was the toiletery bag which is made also from recycled rubber but the design fits the purpose. And its a nice piece I will say. However in hindisht the money would have been better spent on a nice leather bag instead. Never again will I purchase anything from them.