Apr 13, 2012

Free DIY Plans: Simple Plywood Table and Bench

created at: 04/13/2012

Dutch designer Marjan Verboeket created free plans for this simple, rustic table and stackable bench. Constructed from an inexpensive single 8x4' sheet of plywood, you can have all the pieces cut to size at the hardware store, and assemble it at home with a few nails and glue.

The seats slide under the table for storage, making this a great solutionfor small spaces or for entertaining more folks than normal. She's also translated these basic structures into: a storage shelf, a desk, a picnic table, stacking cube storage, a bench, and a puppet theater.

created at: 04/13/2012

All for free. If the yellow is a bit too bold for you, consider a deep charcoal or dark blue which will equally match the warmth of the pine plywood.

Get the plans at 101 Woonideën. Best viewed with in a browser with a quick translate (original in Dutch) [via ApartmentTherapy]





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